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WATCH: Jay Leno, Frances Fisher, Ellie Smeal, and Others Speak Out to #StopTheSultan in Beverly Hills!

Couldn’t make it to our May 5 rally to #StopTheSultan of Brunei’s Taliban-like laws in Beverly Hills? No problem. We’ve uploaded footage of the action to our YouTube account!

Our #StopTheSultan rally videos includes speeches by Eleanor Smeal, Katherine Spillar, Dolores Huerta, Jay and Mavis Leno, Frances Fisher, and other California-based organizational leaders and feminist activists.

Watch the whole thing right here, or check out the playlist on YouTube to see the individual videos and watch your favorites.

The movement to put an end to Brunei’s brutal new penal code – which includes flogging women who have had abortions and stoning lesbians and gay men to death, among other gross human rights violations – is not over, and we’re not giving up until the laws are rescinded. Sign our petition today to send letters to the Sultan, the UN, and embassies to and from Brunei and the United States to urge them to take action immediately, and spread the word online using the hashtag #StopTheSultan!

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