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World Economic Forum Report Places U.S. 28th

The World Economic Forum just released “The Global Gender Gap” report of 2015 that ranks the United States 28th out of 145 countries. The U.S. is ranked 28th in women vis-à-vis men in economic participation and opportunities; educational attainment; health and survival; and political empowerment. Of the 145 countries, the U.S. ranks 6th in gender gap in economic participation and opportunities, 40th in educational attainment, 64th in health and survival, and a miserable 72nd in political empowerment. Due to the widening wage gap and leadership positions, the think-tank says, the U.S. fell 8 places in 2015 to 28th compared with last year.

via World Economic Forum

According to the World Economic Forum at the current rate of women gaining parity with men to close pay, education, health and political participation gaps will take 118 years. The Forum reports that in the last ten years, “an addition quarter of a billion women” have entered the global workforce. The authors also wrote that women are only now “earning what men did a decade ago.”

The Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden still lead with the smallest gender gaps. Ireland is the only non-Nordic country that is ranked 5th. Above the U.S. is New Zealand, 10th, Germany 11th, France 15th, and the United Kingdom ranks 18th.

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