Michigan Will No Longer Fund Religious Based Adoption Agencies

Michigan will no longer fund adoption agencies that refuse to provide services based on religious beliefs. Previously, Michigan was one of nine states that provided funding for adoption agencies who refused service based on religious beliefs.

Attorney General Dana Nessell reached the settlement with the ACLU, stating that “discrimination in the provision of foster care case management and adoption services is illegal, no matter the rationale.” As a result, thousands of kids will now be able to find homes since more parents will now be eligible. However, this settlement will not impact private adoption agencies.

Several states, including Texas, Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Kansas, all have laws that allow adoption agencies to refuse service based on religious beliefs. The American Bar Association (ABA) has adopted a resolution stating that denying potential parents based on religious beliefs is “state-sanctioned discrimination.” The ABA believes the LGBTQ+ community across the U.S. should have the right to adopt.


Media Resources: CNN 3/26/19; NPR 3/22/19; NBC News 2/6/19

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