Today is National Equal Pay Day

President Barack Obama has declared today Equal Pay Day to highlight the discrimination women currently face in wages for equal work. In an official statement, President Obama said “On National Equal Pay Day, we recognize this injustice by marking how far into the new year women have to work just to make what men did in […]


Families, the Wage Gap, and the Economy

More women as the primary breadwinners? More men staying at home and taking care of the kids? This may sound like a prime step to gender equality and the eradication of gender roles, but unfortunately the reality is not as cheerful. Women may be replacing men as primary breadwinners in many families, but women still […]

Womens Rights

Women of Color, the Wage Gap and the Paycheck Fairness Act

The average American woman earns only $0.77 to every full dollar that the average American man earns. What do statistics fail to capture about the lives of women of color? A Black woman in the US earns only $0.62 to every full dollar that a white man in the U.S earns. A Hispanic woman earns […]