Campus Violence Against Women

Maryland Considers College Sexual Assault Reporting Bill

A Maryland House of Delegates committee heard testimony yesterday on a bill that would require all state universities and colleges to administer an anonymous sexual violence survey every three years — to more accurately determine how many assaults are occurring on campuses — and then report those findings to the Maryland Higher Education Commission.


Rape Survivor Settles Lawsuit with Wesleyan and Fraternity

A former Wesleyan University student who was sexually assaulted in 2010 at a fraternity house, nicknamed by students the “rape factory,” has settled a $10 million lawsuit against the university and the fraternity chapter.

Violence Against Women

“Rape Is Rape” Bill Fails in NY Senate, Bronx Teacher Vows to Continue Her Fight for Justice

[Trigger Warning: This post contains references to sexually violent acts and threatening behavior.] Lydia Cuomo, a 27-year-old Bronx teacher, was brutally raped at gunpoint by drunken off-duty cop Michael Pena. That was in August 2011, but over the past year Cuomo has traveled to Albany, NY numerous times to tell her horrific story in hopes of finally finding […]