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Study Proves that Global Gag Rule Increases Unplanned Pregnancies

The medical journal The Lancet released a study on Thursday examining the impact of the global gag rule, officially known as the Mexico City Policy, on the rate of abortions in sub-Saharan Africa. Researchers discovered that rather than decrease the amount of abortions as anti-choice advocates advertised, the policy increased abortion rates by approximately forty...

US Embassies fly Pride Flag Despite Denial from Trump Administration

Monday, Mike Pence came out in support of the Trump administration’s decision to repudiate U.S. embassies’ for flying the pride flag, making nationalist claims that only one flag can fly, after U.S Embassies in Vienna, India, and South Korea all flew the pride in celebration of the LGBTQ community, despite previous denial from Trump Administration,...

Trump Transgender Military Ban Takes Effect

President Trump’s highly controversial and discriminatory military policy to ban all transgender individuals from serving in the United States Military will officially take effect today at the Pentagon. In addition to banning transgender individuals from military service, the Pentagon will also prevent using any DoD or DHS resources to fund sex reassignment procedures or surgeries,...

Trump Administration Rescinds Anti-discriminatory School Discipline Policies

Today the Trump Administration announced it would rescind parts of the Obama administration’s “Rethink Discipline” school policies, policies that ensured that minority students were not unfairly targeted for harsher punishments or disciplinary practices.

President Obama Permanently Blocks Offshore Drilling in Regions of the Arctic and Atlantic

The ban is set to safeguard 115 million acres of U.S. government owned portions of the Arctic Ocean as well as 3.8 million acres of the Atlantic Ocean.

Victory for Water Protectors in North Dakota Pipeline Standoff

On Friday the Obama administration announced that it would temporarily block construction of the Dakota Access pipeline in one specific area, handing a victory to environmental and Native American “water protectors” who just that day had received a federal court ruling denying their petition for an injunction on the project.

President Reallocates Funding in Wake of Zika Crisis

In the wake of Congress’ refusal to pass a Zika funding bill before their five-week August recess, President Obama announced last week the administration’s intent to reallocate $81 million from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help combat the Zika virus.

US Policy on Abortion for Women and Girls Raped in Conflict at Odds with International Law

On the 67th anniversary of the adoption of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, a series of treaties concerning the rights and protections of noncombatants, prisoners, and those injured during armed conflict, the United States continues to overlook one of its most important protections: the right of the “wounded and sick” to non-discriminatory medical care .

Obama Shortens Sentence of 214 Federal Inmates

President Obama shortened the sentences of 214 federal inmates last week, the largest number of commutations granted on a single day in more than a hundred years.
Obama Issues Executive Order for Paid Sick Leave

Obama Issues Executive Order for Paid Sick Leave

This Labor Day, the Obama Administration utilized the three-day weekend to take a step toward making the country a little more family-friendly.
Obama Criticizes Russia's Anti-LGBT Position

Obama Criticizes Russia’s Anti-LGBT Position

On Tuesday, President Obama vocalized concern over Russia's anti-LGBT government policies on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Bipartisan Filibuster Compromise Hails Promising End to Senate Gridlock

Bipartisan Filibuster Compromise Hails Promising End to Senate Gridlock

A compromise Tuesday between Senate Democrats and Republicans will, at least temporarily, reduce the gridlock of executive appointments. Republicans agreed to move several confirmations through in exchange for Democrats halting their plans to dramatically alter the rules of the Senate, especially the filibuster.
Plan B One-Step To Be Sold Over-The-Counter Without Age Restrictions

Plan B One-Step To Be Sold Over-The-Counter Without Age Restrictions

The Obama administration Monday officially ended its opposition to over-the-counter sales of "Plan B One-Step," also known as the morning-after pill.
President Obama Endorses Marriage Equality on the Ballot

President Obama Endorses Marriage Equality on the Ballot

Yesterday, President Obama’s campaign released three statements announcing his endorsement of state ballot initiatives to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland, Washington, and Maine. In April the President also spoke out against the measure in Minnesota, which would change the state’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage, even though Minnesota already has a law against same-sex marriage....
Supreme Court Health-Care Decision is Historical Advance for Women

Supreme Court Health-Care Decision is Historical Advance for Women

The Feminist Majority Foundation and Ms. magazine are elated that the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act–the most important advance for women in nearly 40 years. Feminists are determined to protect the gains of the Affordable Care Act, which will protect the lives and health of millions of women and...
HERvotes: President’s Job Plan Benefits Women

HERvotes: President’s Job Plan Benefits Women

By Ellie Smeal, Feminist Majority Foundation The president’s job plan would have a positive impact on women’s jobs, woman-owned small businesses and small- to medium-sized non-profits. It also includes payroll tax savings for some 78 million employed women and an extension of unemployment insurance for those out of work, who include some 2.6 million unemployed...