Candy Crowley in the Spotlight

Much of the buzz around today’s presidential debate does not concern economic policy, foreign affairs or the War on Women. No, much of the hoopla centers on a third party: the debate moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley. Debate moderators have been given particular attention this election season, and their performances have been rated as intently as […]

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Boehner Bias?

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi handed over the speaker’s gavel to John Boehner, who is charged with leading the “Tea Party Congress” in their efforts to repeal health care reform, disband the Select Committee on Global Warming, defund Planned Parenthood and do a bunch of other things that people who have never held elected office think […]


This is What a Fe(y)minist Looks Like

Sure, the famously wooden Al Gore had some good lines last night on 30 Rock (“You know, there’s an old African proverb that I made up”), but our favorite guest star was truly inanimate: a “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” T-shirt by Tina Fey’s eponymous character’s upstairs neighbor Brian. The shirt is used […]

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No Dignity For NBC

Anyone who’s watched the long-running NBC series Law and Order—the original, not the spinoffs—knows that its stories are often “ripped from the headlines.” So it wasn’t all that surprising that the October 23 episode, entitled “Dignity,” was obviously inspired by the murder this past spring of Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller in his church.