Activists Demonstrate Outside Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations

Workers, human rights advocates, environmental organizations, and consumer rights leaders rallied today to oppose the TPP free trade agreement, described as “a massive corporate power grab… with potentially dire consequences for the economy, environment and public health both at home and abroad.”


Illinois Senate Passes Resolution to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

With a 39-11 vote, the Illinois Senate voted – by more than the necessary three-fifths margin of elected senators, as required by state law – to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). If it moves forward in the state House, Illinois will become the 36th state to ratify the ERA. “Ratification is not just a hugely […]


DOE Investigating USC Classification of Rape

The University of Southern California (USC) currently classifies sexual assaults on campus as “injury response,” preventing the Los Angeles Police Department from being notified of the attack.


Honor Killing Leaves Unease About Future of Afghan Women’s Rights

A Mullah has issued fatwa, or religious edict, for the execution of a woman named Halima who has been in hiding since April. Abdul Ghafoor ordered her father to shoot Halima in front of the villagers. According to Tolo News, Halima was accused of her illicit relationship with a man in Kokchail Village of Badghis province. Ghafoor handed over a gun to Halima’s father and asked him to kill his 20-year old daughter in front of the public.