Virginia Approves TRAP Laws

The Virginia Board of Health, in a vote of 11 to 2 gave final approval to new regulations on abortion clinics. Opponents of the laws claim that these new regulations will force most of Virginia’s 20 abortion clinics to close. During the hearings, the board listened to arguments from roughly 30 people on either side […]


We need your votes!

We’re excited because Working Assets/CREDO has selected the Feminist Majority Foundation as one of the 40 organizations to receive donations in 2013 from the funds it raised this year. BUT we need your help because the amount each of the 40 groups receives depends on the number of votes we get. Please vote for us […]


First At-Home HIV Test Approved by FDA

The FDA approved the first at-home HIV test this past Tuesday. The OraQuick test, manufactured by OraSure, uses a mouth swab to provide test results within 20 to 40 minutes. Advocates in the HIV/AIDS community are praising the potential effects of the test on lowering infection rates. Transmission rates of HIV can be lowered by […]


Perpetrators Don’t Discriminate, So Why Does Congress?

By: Maggie Fridinger,  Program and Policy Intern National Council of Women’s Organizations Every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten in the United States.  One in four women are subjected to violence during their lifetime. Perpetrators do not discriminate in their acts of violence. Women are exposed to domestic violence regardless of race, sexual […]


Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

The Supreme Court this morning upheld President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) in a 5-4 decision. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion for the majority. In the opinion (PDF), Roberts wrote, “We do not consider whether the Act embodies sound policies. That judgment is entrusted to the Nation’s elected leaders. We ask only whether […]

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Obama Evolves!

by Audrey Bilger It’s official. After a week of speculation about whether the White House was going to take a strong stand on marriage equality, President Obama has gone on record in support of same-sex marriage rights. After explaining how his views have changed over the years, the President said the words that many of […]


First-Ever Oral HPV Study Conducted

The first-ever study of oral human papillomavirus (HPV) in the United States, conducted by the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, revealed that 7 percent of people in the United States are infected with oral HPV. This may account for the growing rate of mouth and throat cancers over the past twenty-five years. According to […]

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Vaccinating the Public Against Health Care Misinformation

by Lisa Bennett, NOW Communications Director A factually-challenged email is making the rounds, scaring people into thinking that Medicare premiums are going to start rising next year due to provisions in the 2010 health care reform law. My well-meaning aunt forwarded this email to friends and family, not wanting them to get caught off guard […]


First Republican to Cosponsor DOMA Repeal

For the first time, the bill to repeal the Respect for Marriage Act, which repeals the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), has a Republican co-sponsor: Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida. DOMA defines marriage as between one man and one woman  and denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages, as well as the legal benefits attached to […]


Check out the HERvotes blog carnival!

The Feminist Majority Foundation is thrilled to be part of the HERvotes blog carnival. Check out what the feminist community is writing about! Here’s a list from this morning’s MomsRising Post: *Websites Where the HERvotes Blog Carnival is Cross-Posted National Women’s Law Center WIN Ms. Magazine Raising Women’s Voices ==== *Individual Posts for the HERvotes […]


Senator Ensign Report: Well Done Ethics Committee, but what about Senator Coburn?

The shocking report issued by the Senate Select Committee on Committee last week described in excruciating detail Senator John Ensign’s (R-NV) reprehensible conduct in sexually harassing a female employee and the lengths to which he went to cover up his wrong doing. The Ethics Committee investigation also revealed anti-women’s rights and so-called pro-family Senator Tom […]